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Anna Boghiguian

The Uprising, 2022



CATPC and Renzo Martens to represent the Netherlands at Venice Biennale

The opportunity to now pair a white cube on a plantation with one at the summit of the art world allows for a direct look into these two worlds and into the inequalities between them. Meaningful and sincere reflections will be produced from these different, but related, realities coming together. Through this presentation, we will come to the final stage of our collective journey into truths that deserve to be shared.
Ced'art Tamasala


Drawings, 2018

Santiago Sierra

National Coat of Arms of Spain Stamped with Blood, 2022

"In a world where the shadows of injustice still loom large, CELL 5 challenges us to become agents of change"

Mario Pfeifer's Cell 5 – A Reconstruction wins Hessian Film Award 2023.

Marco A. Castillo, The Revolution of Everyday Life, 29.01. – 11.02.

Solo presentation at Tepic 82, Roma Sur, Cuauthémoc, 06760, Mexico City

Anna Ehrenstein

Acrylic Geographies, 2021

Sophie Gogl

I just want to make you suede, 2023

Candice Breitz

White Mantras, 2022

Fremdkörper 16.02. – 23.03.2024

„Am Schwarzenbergplatz” is a Vienna-based art space shared by three international galleries: KOW, Berlin; LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina and Simone Subal Gallery, New York. All three galleries have one thing in common: their Viennese background. Throughout the last couple of years, the gallerists were playing with the idea to join forces for a collaborative project in Vienna. Paying tribute to their hometown, Am Schwarzenbergplatz is a 6-month project housed within the famous Palais Schwarzenberg. To accentuate the collaborative spirit each of the 4 planned exhibitions will be curated jointly presenting artists from each gallery’s program in every iteration.