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Bakunin's Barricade, 2015/ 2017

Mixed media installation

In 1849 when Prussian troops tried to defeat the socialist insurgency in Dresden, revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Bakunin suggested placing paintings from the National Museum’s collection in front of the barricades, speculating that prussian soldiers wouldn‘t dare to destroy the works and therefore not storm the barricade.

Inspired by Bakunin’s never realized proposal Öğüt has created a barricade using works from the museum‘s collection.

A document stipulates that the barricade may be requested and deployed by activists during future social uprisings.

Photos by David Stjernholm

Photos by Peter Cox

Ahmet Öğüt

Ahmet Öğüt, born in 1981 in Diyarbakır, works across a variety of different media often picking up on an urban environment. With an eye for daily encounters and moments of improvisation his works address topics such as structural inequality, state suppression, censorship and forms of resistance. Singular acts of non alignment or collective struggles against militarized powers equally tend to inspire the aesthetic and thematic reflections that occur in Ahmet Öğüt's work just as the way he operates in the institutional ecology surrounding his practice. He had solo shows among others at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2015), Chisenhale Gallery, London (2015), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2012), Kunsthalle Lissabon (2011) and SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul (2011). He has participated in group shows such as the 11th Gwangju Biennale (2016), Manifesta 11 (2016), “Museum On/OFF” at Centre Pompidou, Paris (2016), the 13th Biennale de Lyon (2015), “Political Populism” at Kunsthalle Wien, the Kyiv Biennial (2015) and many more.

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