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White Cube, 2023

The sculpture is representing the white cube of Lusanga with on the top a head of the Pende de Balot sculpture, intermingled with other sacred sculptures looted during the colonial era and imprisoned in white cube in the north; on the four facades is told different stages of the history of Lusanga from the Leverville era to our days, that is to say the post plantation;

On the left facade, we read the violent history of palm oil extraction in Lusanga. In a mono-culture plantation, humans climbing on high palm trees holding a machete to cut the nuts, under the pressure of a fire lit at the bottom of each palm tree to prevent the cutter from going down before having done his daily task. The harvested nuts are transported to the factory, which throws a pool of dark smoke over a church in the background, polluting the rest of the landscape as well. A hand coming out of the factory holding a fortune is visible on the end of this facade.

On the back side you can see the destruction of the nature that followed that time, the trees cut down, the palm trees aged and almost sterile, the land made dry by the monoculture, the famine and the poverty. On the end of this facade, we see the beginning of the CATPC initiative, the production of art, the repatterning of the land and the launching of a nursery with various species of plants, trees and trees.

On the right side, we can see the continuation of the post-planting process, the seedlings become trees, the mono-culture gradually changes into a sacred forest, the trees start to bloom; in the window we can see a woman giving birth to a baby.

On the front facade we see the post-plantation where the trees give abundantly fruit of all kinds, we see that hoes continue to plow and plant new trees until the door of the white cube where a multitude of ancient sculptures rush the door as if to go out and the small sculpture Pende de Balot stands in the door, facing the public.

The sculpture reflects our understanding and use of the white cube in the post plantation; it tells our story associated with that of Lusanga as well as the fruit of our research and that of our collective artistic and ecological work, the post plantation and the white cube.

by Ced'art Tamasala and Jean Kawata
Wood, CNC–milled
57 x 67 x 65 cm
Edition of 5 + 2AP

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CATPC is the Congolese Plantation Workes Art League (Cercle d‘art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise), a cooperative organization inspired by a long-term project by the Dutch artist Renzo Martens. CATPC has set itself the goal of making a way out of the hardly paid plantation work through its own agriculture, but above all through considerable artistic projects by the local community. Current and former members and interns of CATPC are Djonga Bismar, Matthieu Kilapi Kasiama, Ced'art Tamasala, Mbuku Kimpala, Manenga Kibuila, Jérémie Mabiala, Emery Muhamba, Irène Kanga, Daniel Muvunzi, Jean Kawata, Blaise Mandefu, Thomas Leba (†), Huguette Kilembi, Olele Mulela, Richard Leta, Mira Meya, Tantine Mukundu, Athanas Kindendie, Charles Leba, Philomene Lembusa and Désiré Kapasa. Over the years CATPC have had meaningful solo and group exhibitions at institutions such as The Withworth, Manchester (2023), Kunsthal Charlottenburg Biennial, Copenhagen (2023), Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (2023), 22nd Biennial of São Paulo (2023), SCCA, Tamale (2022) and in the SculptureCenter, New York City (2017). In 2024 they will, together with Renzo Martens, represent the Netherlands at the 60th Venice Biennial in 2024.

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