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Michael E. Smith

Michael E. Smith was born in 1977 in Detroit, MI, USA. His objects, installations and images as well as his videos seem like physical reconstructions of emotional disfigurements, his exhibitions like an archaeology of humanity. He counters the ecological and economic disaster of our time with a materialism of basic needs. In doing so, Smith portrays the battered American soul in the early 21st century as an array of ruinous bodies. As a traumatic existence in a paralyzed system that violently denies and represses its own vulnerability. Smith studied in the Department for Sculpture at Yale University, New Haven. His recent exhibitions include Kunstmuseum Winterthur (2024), Henry Moore Institute (Leeds, UK 2023), Modern Art (London, 2022), KOW Berlin (2021), Secession (Vienna 2020), Andrew Kreps Gallery (NYC, 2020), Stuart Shave Modern Art (London 2019), Kunsthalle Basel (2018), Secession Vienna (2020), and Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (2021). Smith lives and works in Providence, RI.

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