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There are several further works within the Cabinet for which we have not been able to unearth any background information. Part of this section are the 4 Kohl Destruction Machines.

Im Schrank werden einige Arbeiten aufbewahrt, bei denen bisher noch keine Zuschreibung möglich war. Zu ihnen gehören die vier Kohlbildzerkratzer.

Unknown, Kohl Destruction Machine, 1982, mixed media
Unknown, Kohl Destruction Machine, 1987, mixed media

The four Kohl Destruction Machines originated sometime between 1982 and 2010. There is no doubt to the identity of the personage within the portrait. The dates coincide exactly with those of the elections. Possibly this anonymous artist saw each re-election of the Prime Minister as reason to create another of his machines.

Photos by Martin Klindtworth

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The Cabinet of Ramon Haze

The Cabinet of Ramon Haze is a unique collection and 20th century art document. It brings together more than 150 key works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Andreas Baader, Ruth Tauer and Jeff Koons, and traces the developement of their Ouevre and its conceptual foundations. Ramon Haze's historical research reconstructs lost knowledge of the development of the art of the past century, and in doing so paints a picture of the political and social upheavals that have been reflected in the artistic production of the last cultural epoch. Since 1996, Ramon Hazes collection curators Holmer Feldmann and Andreas Grahl have been in charge of the "Cabinet", and they have been instrumental in making it accessible to the public and helping to understand the lost notion of art.